"So tell me, what is it that you plan to do/ with your one wild and precious life?"
--Mary Oliver

Saturday, January 05, 2013

grace in the rubble

I'm adding a new blog! I've decided to try two blogs, one dedicated to living  a full and joyful life with chronic health problems, (that's this one, the little things, at barbaramarincelthelittlethings.blogspot.com and this address will not change) and one to focus on the spiritual journey. So I am headed over to wordpress.com to begin my spiritual exploration at graceintherubble.wordpress.com. I've come to feel that I'm trying to do too much with this blog, and not really doing justice to any of the subjects I feel passionate about.

So I hope you will keep reading about both of my journeys! This blog will also be focusing more on our adoption journey. As we've discovered, it's not easy to adopt when one has chronic health issues, no matter how many letters of recommendation I get from doctors certifying that I'm able to parent a young child. And of course 2012 was jam-packed with medical problems demanding attention, so we were forced to delay our adoption journey for an entire year. Still, I continue to have faith in the Red Thread!

I will leave you today with our Christmas picture, 2012. We all look as though we have giant heads because it is a self-portrait, taken by me; we discovered my short arms are not an asset for self-portraits!
Big heads and red faces--Minnesota winters are cold outside! You will notice the dominance of Fiona, which is suitably proportionate to her role in our family.

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Jan said...

I have bookmarked it and I'm heading over there now. Thanks for the invite.