"So tell me, what is it that you plan to do/ with your one wild and precious life?"
--Mary Oliver

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

it's okay to comment, people

Edit: After feedback from several readers, I have now turned off that evil  little word verification box. Happy commenting! (And if you don't, that's okay, too. I love you anyway.)

Okay, after months of writing on this blog, and getting no comments, it would not be an overstatement to say that, although I write mainly for myself, a little positive (or whatever) feedback would be nice. It's very easy, you do not have to be signed up with Google to do so. Just click where it says "comments" at the bottom of the post, and ID yourself as "anonymous." (Although I'd ask that you please sign your name so I know who you are!) There is also, I'm afraid, one of those squiggly word boxes that make you guess at what the words and numbers actually are; apparently, Google is afraid that you might be a robot, so they make you jump through this hoop.

Or, if you read this on Facebook Networked Blogs, you can of course always comment in the regular way.

So, thinking optimistically, I look forward to hearing from you, my friends!


Mary Aalgaard said...

You can turn off the word verification which makes it easier for people to leave a comment. Try asking a question at the end of your post. Some people might respond. Mostly other bloggers leave comments. Lots of people are just readers.

Barbara Marincel said...

Thanks Mary! Great ideas :)